PHI2604 income distribution

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  • Topic: Income inequality metrics, Income distribution, Rights
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  • Published : December 2, 2014
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Patricia Pupo
Professor Matthew Sang
PHI 2604
26 November 2014
Income Distribution
This essay will discuss if current income distribution has a negative impact in the society because of the inequality that exists. What is income distribution? It is how a national income is split between different groups. Rights theory worries as the name says it, about people rights, and action is good if it respects the people’s rights. There are two kinds of rights, positive and negative. The first one relates to the right that people have to entitlements, is also known as Welfare (food, shelter, healthcare). The second one is negative rights, it is associated with the right that a person has not be subjected to an action from another group or person. Egoism states that people should act in their own self-interest, and has two types ethical (descriptive) and physiological (prescriptive). From rights point of view income distribution has a negative impact, because as mentioned before, the goal is equality on the other hand from egoism point of view has a good impact because every person should act in their own matter. One important thing about this subject is that here is United States the gap between poverty and richness is wide because of the way income is distributed under the profit system. Experts in the area have stated that the society needs that inequality for the sake of production. The difference between wages is the mean between motivation and production. They are linked to one another if there is no motivation (money) the direct result of that is the loss of production and vice versa. “Producers create new wealth: They restructure their own resources (land, machinery, seeds and minerals) to create goods and services that benefit human life. Producers earn money b-y trading voluntarily with those who also benefit from the exchange.” (Armstrong). Experts in the field states that rights is the theory that says that the only thing that is good in itself is...