Policing Functions Paper

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  • Published : September 6, 2013
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Policing Functions Paper

Criminal Justice Trends
The crossing point between components of the criminal justice system and criminal justice connections with surrounding society is constantly changing. For this assignment I will evaluate the past, present, and future trends. In addition I will discuss the recent and future trends and contemporary issues affecting the criminal justice system, and the value of the criminal justice system in a changing society. For instance there has been a trend in new technology that is used by criminals that the criminal justice system has to act in accordance with and combat. Past Trends

In the past the criminal justice system had it easier, sure they dealt with rapes, robberies, murders, fights, and many of the same things they do today but on a much smaller scale. In the past law enforcement which was more involved with the communities due to the fact that officers walked the streets on patrol. They talked with the citizens and got to know the people within their communities. The outcome of this was a community that was not fearful and that was trusting of their justice system. Years ago there was not the forensics to aid in a case, at the same time there was not the technology that we have today. As for the forensics this was a hindrance because it made figuring out who the criminal actually was much harder. In the same right they did not have the technology of the criminals today, which at times can make it easier for law enforcement agencies to find the criminals. In the mid-1900s began such things as organized crime groups, prostitution, and the start of prohibition, gambling, and corruption on a larger scale. At this time many of the law enforcement officers, majors, judges, lawyers, and many more officials were corrupt, which caused an even larger problem with enforcing laws and catching the bad guy. At this time the citizens and society had no clue who, they could depend upon and who to trust. In turn this...