Political Ideology

Topics: United States, Democratic Party, United States House of Representatives Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: September 16, 2014

Political Ideology
Daijah Murphy
Savannah State University

Across the U.S people have different views and opinions on our government. A political ideology is a certain set of principles, myths, or symbols of a social class, or large group that explains how society should work (Jost, J., Federico, C., & Napier, J. (2009, January 1). Political Ideology: Its Structure, Functions, and Elective Affinities. Retrieved September 10, 2014). Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are the three Major groups that are represented by the population with different logic behind the choice. There are many reason which people take into consideration because of the fact that whether it would benefit them or not.

The Democratic party take up about 47 percent of the United States population(Jones, J. (n.d.). Republican identification lowest in at least 25 years. Retrieved September 10, 2014.). People that lean towards the Democratic Party are supporters of the American dream. Equality is a major target point in the society. In the 60s, Democrats fought for Civil Rights which led to new beginnings for many people that lived in the US. With Obama’s Term almost finished, Democrats look to put another leader who has the same mindset to push for more changes.

Founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activist is the Republican Party. Many choose to be Republican because of the platform of the party which is conservation. They also believe in

going by tradition/religious ways. Republicans are very religious people and favor about 41 percent of the population. Democrats dislike the republicans due to fact that they prefer tax cuts only to be for the wealthy which does no display equality among the US. The first president of the United States of America was independent. People chose candidates who relate to their issue the most are classified as Independent. Independent people in America take a central point of view between the two other major political parties. This makes it...
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