Topics: United States Environmental Protection Agency, Air pollution, National Ambient Air Quality Standards Pages: 3 (834 words) Published: April 10, 2015

EPA has shown to be insufficient because there have been many cases where the States—not limited to just the West Coast states—have sued the EPA. Phil Milford from Bloomberg Business Week talked about how 11 different states in the U.S. that sued the EPA for not enforcing standards to limit soot pollution. Soot pollution is impure carbon particles that float in the air which is resulted from incomplete combustion of coal, charred wood, and so on. Furthermore, majority of soot pollution comes from power plants and diesel vehicles. Soot pollution is the second largest cause of global warming which is one of the biggest problems we current have in the world. Some states that sued the EPA include California, Oregon, and Washington.

Bloomberg Business Week discussed how the EPA failed to meet the deadline for limiting soot pollution which plagues the industrial states. The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York—one of the other states that sued the EPA—which asked a judge to order the EPA to complete and propose new standards to prevent soot pollution. This is an important issue because according to American Lung Association, 1 in 17 American lives in urban areas with unhealthy year-round levels of soot pollution which causes serious chronic respiratory harm and premature deaths. The States argued that the federal standards for soot pollution are inadequate and insufficient. Mireya Navarro of NYTimes.com further stated that The Obama administration has already dealt with another lawsuit from health and environmental groups on ozone pollution standards and how it was insufficient and inadequate; which further showed that the policy of the EPA is not adequate and needs improvement.

The American Lung Association wrote an article which urged the EPA to propose and adopt stronger particle standards because in 2012, data showed that soot pollution particles in the air was higher than what was considered healthy. At the end of this lawsuit, EPA was forced...
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