Process Essay: How to Make a Ceramic Rose Using Modeling Clay

Topics: English-language films, Art, Ceramic materials Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: November 27, 2013
How to Make a Ceramic Rose Using Modeling Clay

Most of us have made countless art pieces in class while we were growing up. Personally, one of my favorite shows as a kid was “Art Attack” hosted by the adorable Neil Buchanan. One interesting piece of art that is easy to make is a ceramic rose. It might sound and look complicated, but it really is not. To make a beautiful, three-dimensional rose, follow these three easy steps. First, and most importantly, choose the right type of modeling clay to work with. There are three main types of modeling clay that you can choose from; ceramic, paper, or paste modeling clay. All three can be bought a local stationary in the art and crafts aisle at reasonable prices. Paper modeling clay is easiest to work with, so it is ideal for beginners. However, ceramic and paste modeling clay are a bit harder to work with. Ceramic modeling clay dries fast, so one would have to work faster. On the other hand, paste modeling clay dries very slowly, so the painting process will be delayed. Second, prepare your workspace and start working on your rose. Work in a space that is clean, flat, and with room to spare. Open your modeling clay, take a small piece, and use what is called a “Roll, flatten, roll” technique. Roll the piece of clay in your hands to make a ball and then flatten it on a surface to make an oval shape. After that, roll it again around itself to make the inner most portion of your rose. It should look like a small pipe-like shape. Take another piece of clay, roll it, flatten it, and add it to your last piece to make the petals. Bear in mind that you will have to watch your work as you go along. Lastly, adjust any petals to you liking then leave to dry overnight for painting. Remember, petals that are drooping outwards make a rose look like it is in full bloom. The more the more the petals are facing towards the middle, the more closed the rose will look. After the rose is dry, it will be hard and...
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