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  • Published : November 18, 2013
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Don’t sweat the small stuff in love
Simple ways to nurture and strengthen your relationship while avoiding the habits that break down your loving connection. For whatever reasons, many people seem to believe that it’s normal and perfectly acceptable to settle for an “okay” relationship. Sometimes, even couples who report that they have a good relationship appear to be confused about what a “good” relationship really means. In other words, they might say they have a nice relationship, yet they seem to experience or express ongoing irritation and frustration with their partner, or with at least some aspects of their relationship. Let consider that whatever shape your relationship is in from troubled to absolutely wonderful it can be ever better, with very little effort. While no relationship is perfect, and every relationship is unique. They believe is that any partnership, romantic or otherwise, can be improved by implementing some very simple strategies designed to lighten your spirits, open your heart, enhance your life, and broaden your perspective. Learn to laugh at yourself

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re in for a long, bumpy ride. You will struggle in your relationships because, as your partner teases you, notices your flaws, and occasionally points them out, you will feel and probably act a bit defensive. If you look around at the happiest and most loving relationship, you’ll almost always notice that both people have an ability to laugh at themselves. Both partners will have the perspective necessary to stay lighthearted as their own imperfections come to the surface. This creates an environment where occasional teasing or kidding around is okay, and where one feels safe in making observations or suggestions. Your relationship has the chance to deepen and grow because both parties feel safe. Share an insight

An effective way to learn to stop sweating the small stuff is to share an experience with one another. You can share a time when you...