relationships between the speaker

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  • Published : February 17, 2014
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Based on what you read in the poem, describe the relationship between the speaker and the “you” in the poem. How important was the relationship to the speaker? Support your response by referencing directly to the poem.

In her poem “Since You” the poet Dionne Brand, has expressed a very profound romantic relationship between her speaker and the “you” in the poem. She has also revealed that the relationship was the most important thing in her speaker’s life. Dionne Brand makes these views to be true and factual through her superb use of techniques of characters action, diction, repetition and metaphor. “Thought of destroying myself, then thought of destroying you” a more literal understanding of this sentence sheds mammoth light on the romantic relationship once kindled between the speaker and the “You” in the poem. To draw a more in-depth conclusion on the passed romantic relationship between the speaker and the “You” in the poem the poet uses characters actions to make known her message. The speaker was so much in love with the “You” in the poem that when he left she thought of killing him and killing herself because of her disbelief in what has happened to her life and relationship. The above sentence also express that her relationship was so sweet that after it came to an end she could not cope with herself nonetheless could not cope without her lover who left. Poet Dionne Brand further goes on to show the romantic relationship that the speaker and the “You” in the poem once held through her practice of diction. “Talked river and rivers to find myself,” the poet uses the word “river” to refer to the flow of tears from the speaker. It is with this word that the poet allows her readers to envision the speaker reminiscing on her passed relationship while crying at the same time. The poet uses this opportunity also as a means to suggest that the speaker is cleansing her mind, body, and soul from the absence of her significant. In this way the...