Roles of Prof Nursing RUP 1

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Corinne Pederson
Western Governors University
Professional Roles and Values RUP 1 Project

RUP 1 Project
The Montana State Board of Nursing affiliated with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) and the Montana Nurses Association affiliated with the American Nurses Association (ANA) shall be utilized for this paper in describing their differences in function. Two examples from the NCSBN code of ethics will be provided and how they have influenced my practice. I will choose four traits from the ANA and discuss them in reference to an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. A Nursing Theory will be discussed as well as a nursing figure that is important to the author. A scenario will be presented with two safeguards for the author's patients. The American Nursing Association was originally founded and named the Nursing Association Alumnae in 1896; it became the ANA in 1911. It is a professional organization devoted to the advancement and protection of the nursing profession. The ANA establishes standards of nursing practice, promotes rights of registered nurses (RN) in the workplace and advances the economic health and general welfare of RNs. According to the ANA, nursing is the protection, promotion and optimization of heath and abilities, it prevents illness, injury and alleviates suffering through diagnosis and treatment of human response and advocates the care not only of the individual but the whole family, community and populations. The ANA has three suborganizations: 1. American Academy of Nursing-it serves the public and nursing profession by the advancment of health policies and practices through generation, synthesis and dissemination of nursing knowledge. 2. American Nurses Foundation-this is a charitable and philanthropic part of the ANA and finally 3. American Nurses Credentialing Center-nurses are able to earn credentialing in specialty areas and facilities that show nursing excellence. The ANA also lobby's for the advancement of nurses through local and federal government. (ANA,) The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) had its inception as part of the American Nurses Association (ANA). It is a non-profit organization and a collective voice for the nursing regulation in the United States and its territories. The NCSBN's function was to safeguard the public by ensuring safe and competent care by licensed nurses. The NCSBN became its own entity in 1978. Its purpose is to provide an organization through which the states boards of nursing act and council together on matters of mutual interest and concern. The NCSBN is responsible for providing regulatory excellence affecting the public health, safety and welfare of citizens in the care of licensed nurses. The NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, NNAAPA and MACE examinations are the responsibility of the NCSBN. It also monitors trends in public safety, nurse education and practice. The NCSBN is also responsible for disseminating data related to the licensure of nurses, conducts research on nurse practice issues, maintains the database, and coordinates the national public nurse licensure information. NCLEX examinations are developed to ensure nurses licensed have the necessary knowledge and skills to practice safely. (NCSBN,) The Nursing Code of Ethics encompasses everything concerning patient care from respect to privacy, standards of practice and many more. This year until June 6th professionals and the public were able to read and offer their comments for revision. It is an exciting year for the ANA. Provision 1 of the Nursing Code of Ethics addresses compassion, respect and dignity for the patient and their families. The entire provision deals with the rights of the patient. I am passionate about the right of the patient to die with dignity. My goal for every patient that is terminally ill is to provide for them and their families whatever they need to make them comfortable. Nursing duties such...
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