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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Nucleus: controls the chemical reactions in the cell as well as development and reproduction of the cell. (Both animal and plant cell)

Ribosomes: makes protein. (Both animal and plant cell)

Rough ER: the internal delivery system of the cell. (Both animal and plant cell)

Mitochondria: power plant of the cell, it makes energy, contains glucose and oxygen. (Both animal and plant cell)

Cell Membrane: thin layer that surrounds the cell and holds it together. It only allows some substances into the cell and out of the cell. (Both animal and plant cell)\

Cytoplasm: jelly like substances outside the nucleus and inside the cell. Where every organelle is located. (Both animal and plant cell)

Vacuoles: large membrane bound space filled with sap, air, water, wastes and food particles; it helps maintain the shape of the cell. (Both animal and plant cell, but in plats it is bigger)

Smooth ER: it makes fat, usually away from the nucleus. (Both plant and animal cells)

Golgi Body: Stores and sends nutrients around the cell. (Both animal and plant cells)

Chloroplasts: green, makes oxygen from carbon dioxide. Where photosynthesis takes place, stores the chlorophyll. (Only in plant cells)

Types of cells
Smooth Muscle Cell: long and elastic, long thin cells can slide further over each other to allow you to move. Around blood vessels and your digestive system.

Sperm cells: have long tails that helps them swim; only males have sperm cells.

Nerve cell: long and have a star shape at the end. Tail is about 1m long, the long tail helps them detect and send electrical messages through the body at the speed of a Formula 1 car.

Skin cell: these form your skin; they have a flattened shape so they can cover our body.

Bone cell: these cells are hard and strong. They have to be right so they can keep you up straight.

Adipose tissue cell: have a round shape so they can hold fat. They are under the skin cells and...
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