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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Let me introduce about myself. My name is--------------. I have a small family; my father, my mother, my younger brother and me. My parents are owner of mini-supermarket. My hobby is singing and I also like playing badminton. Thus, I also took part in school activities and sport events, when I was young. I passed the matriculation exam with three distinctions at 2008. Before going to university, I also worked as a teacher at an orphan house for three months.

I graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy on 30th January, 2013. During my university life, I had a plan to continue my study straight to the next level, which is the master degree. I would like to make researches on Myanmar traditional drugs. I would like to know more about drugs. Furthermore, many lecturers are needed at my university and a large number of pharmacists are required for my country to take care of health of public. Therefore, I made my mind to become a teacher at the University of my country. After graduation, I decided to study in Korea because it is one of the well-developed countries in Asia. There are fewer culture differences. Then, the quality of education provided by universities is well known as one of the highest ratings globally. When I arrived in Korea, I heard that the Korea government is offering a scholarship programs for foreign students. Since the tuition fees are sky-high and I don’t have enough own resources, the scholarship is great chance for me.

I am so excited for applying for this program. If I were become a successful candidate, I would have a chance not only to study but I could be friend with other foreign students and exchange customs and knowledge between each other. I may don’t have the best results at my actual university, but I believe I am right person for this scholar because of my personal qualities that comes from my moral, open mind, and strong will to fight every challenge. I promise that I would try my best if I were become a successful...