separation of powers

Topics: Separation of powers, Judiciary, Legislature Pages: 2 (846 words) Published: October 19, 2014
In the world at large there is a very great need to achieve and maintain peace and harmony in the ruling atmosphere of a particular state. In order to put this in place the doctrine of separation of powers is put in action in the different parts of the nation. in this essay I will simply define the key terms which are separation of powers and then proceed by elaborating how how this separation of powers is important in running a state and how it came to be practiced in Botswana. I will then continue with a little critsism on this separation of powers and sum up with a well summarized conclusion.

According to a French philosopher Baron de Montesquies separation of powers is defined as the doctrine in which the arms of government (excutive.legislature, judiciary) have separate unique powers which the other branch cannot interfere with ( 21 century lexicon copyright (C) 20003-2014 dictionary com.LLC).it is stated that this where designed by the constitution to make sure that no branch will have too much power and that issues of the public policy and welfare would be granted comprehensive attentiveness before taking any action .according to my own point of view separation of powers is the system whereby the three arms of government in Botswana are given spefic functions to carry and may not carry one another s function and each is independent ,thus it has its own separate function. Despite the fact that the branches are not to carry the functions of others ,they are interrelated ,they work together and relieve one another from carrying too much power ,which is stated as one of the check and balances ,where the functions of one branch seem to have and modify the power of another .Also separation of powers is defined as the constitutional principle that limits the powers vested in any person and institution. It divides government authority into three branches : legislative consisting of the president and...
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