Six Major Modes of Communications in Marketinh

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Fruta Kool Kidz was launched by SM Jaleel and Company Limited in 2004 and was specifically designed to deliver a delicious range of fruit juice drinks to children between the ages of four and eleven. This favourite lunch box drink comes loaded with vitamins in a 200 ml Tetra Pak. It has seven fruity blends namely cherry lemonade, very berry, fruit punch, orange, guava pine, apple and strawberry-banana.

The marketing communications mix or promotional mix consists of six major modes of communication. Advertising is the first mode of communication. It is any paid form of communication about an organization, good, service or idea by an identified sponsor. The main objective of advertising is to affect demand for a product through the use of newspapers, magazines, radio and television. The benefits of advertising is that it is fast, cost effective, it creates and maintains brand equity and product differentiation is established through the use of images and symbols.

Sales promotion is the second mode of communication. It comprises of marketing activities that provide additional value or incentive to the consumer or distributor. Its main objective is to target sales promotion to the consumers and distributors so as to increase short term sales or to help build long term market share. Benefits are enjoyed by both the organization and consumer. The organization can stimulate sales, usage or trial of a product or service and also build or reinforce brand equity. The consumer can enjoy free product giveaways, discounts and deals from the organization.

Publicity or Public Relations is the third mode of communication. Publicity is one of the many techniques used to implement a Public Relations programme. Public Relations relates to the establishment of an organization’s public image. Basically these two methods are employed by the organization to promote and protect the product’s image. The main objective of publicity and public relations is for the organization...
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