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Topics: Estonia, Baltic Sea, Lithuania Pages: 3 (463 words) Published: January 5, 2015

National sovereignty, multilingualism and living together (i.e. social peace) In the light of the recent events throughout the world regarding The Arab Spring, Russian growing expansionism, Ukrainian revolution, different strike actions in Europe the problem of social peace became one of the most urgent ones. Do national sovereignty, multilingualism and living together still define social piece or is it an outdated definition, which needs to be adjusted? The proverb says: “Times change and we with time”. In order to keep up with the time, all aspects of our life including social, political, and economic parts should also be modified. Multilingualism has become a social phenomenon governed by the forces of globalization.1 However, it may also be a weapon of hidden and indirect influence on social orientation of a nation, which can lead to split-up of a country. For instance, the breakup of Yugoslavia may be a good example. Ethnical and social conflicts among six nations were heated up by lingual diversity, which led to one and only feasible way out – the split-up of the country.2 In addition, the recent events in Ukraine have also proved that sovereignty and multilingualism do not always imply social piece. Ruthless behavior of Russian government, defending Russian-speaking part of Crimean population and their citizens, which could be regarded as war of aggression, gives us another sure-fire evidence of erased concepts of sovereignty, democracy and piece.3 The annexation of Crimea leads to instability and fear in such countries as Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, the three Baltic states, that are increasingly exposed to Russian pressure, for historical, geographic and linguistic reasons.4 Nevertheless, in practice there are solutions in terms of multilingualism, which do not end up in splitting a country. For instance, the first is generous national multilingualism. Canadian politicians with ease switch between English and French. The second method is linguistic...
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