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  • Published : May 1, 2014
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Yonathan Harla Weredatama
Making your company in success is not easy, and it needs things like organizational theory and behavior. Those two things are vital because it determines how organizations do in an industry. Different approach to those techniques, organization can analyze many different areas in their organizational structure. One of the company in the world that success in applying the theory of organizational behavior and reach its successfulness is Starbucks Company. In analyzing the application of organizational behavior in communication, culture, and decision-making, we can determine how these theories made this company successful.

The communication strategy in the Starbucks Company is amazingly successful. In order to make the company appear to be translucent as an organization, offering the direction of communication, maintaining the channel of communication; Starbucks has given the process to take the next step in defining the communication strategy used by the organization.

This company defines the organization as a matrix structure. It really helps the customer experiencing the satisfaction of the product that is offered by the Starbucks Company. This matrix structure is a very effective way to take full advantage of all the communication channels. Whether I want to point out that matrix structure is their organizational structure yet this theory is the thing that has been the main thing in the success of this organizational communication. Matrix structure is an organization structure that creates dual lines of authority and combines functional and product departmentalization. This matrix structure has allowed the corporation to have successful communication upward, downward, and laterally with its employees.

Starbucks uses a model of communication used generally by smaller group networks, all channel communication. These channels allow employees to communicate actively with each other, making all members free to contribute. Beside that successful strategy in communication, they also do a good job in using the technology, marketing strategy, and their employees to communicate success, goals, and vision to the customer. You can see their website, it simply amazing. In that website they include the vision as a company, the company social responsibility, guiding principles, and mission statements. Organization Culture

The image of the Starbucks organizational culture gives the strong appeal to the future employee or potential employee. The culture of Starbucks maintains value in each of every corner of its organization; and it touches outsides the communities as well. We can see from the approach of the company and how they think about the organizational culture that made them one of the most successful companies in the world.

Starbucks Appeals
Almost all of the parts in concepts and the attributes of the Starbucks Company are very interesting. The first one is Starbucks has become a well known global entity. A well-recognized product that relies on its quality and unique marketing strategies has achieved this. Customer will knowledge to be confronted with enthusiastic employees, happy to serve, and focused on the needs presented by their customers. The entire employee has been trained to know all the knowledge about Starbucks and the entire product offered by their company. Therefore, no customer will leave the store with dissatisfaction. It is apparent that the values and mission statements projected by the company are having great success in creating a strong cultural behavior.

Values that thought by the Starbucks Company business model are combined by the patrons and modified by closely watching organization. There is one value that stands out for the company is in community support. According to reports, Starbucks Organization support such as Conservation...