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  • Published : February 13, 2014
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Study plan for china of canada

1. Why do you wish to come to Canada to study at the school and in the program for which you have been accepted? Having developed the necessary theoretical buildup and research skills through my undergraduate program in life science, I consider myself qualified for a challenging graduate program at Canada’s University of x x x . I choose this school for a number of reasons. I believe that the best way to learn is to learn from the best and University of x x x is a world famous institution of a 200-year history, whose 6 professors and alumni have become Nobel laureates. Its unparalleled academic strength is evidenced by its large number of internationally renowned scholars and outstanding graduates, and the research achievements it has made. With its rich cultural diversity and pluralistic value orientations, it is uniquely hospital to international students from over 140 countries. I want to study life science there because the university is particularly strong in this program, with advanced facilities, abundant research funds, and outstanding researchers. The sheer bulk of research papers published in the world’s first-rate journals by life scientists there testifies to its leading role in the academic community in Canada and even in the world. My potential advisor Prof. x x x, a distinguished scientist in cellular and developmental biology, has been performing some very pioneering research, part of which closely corresponds to the research I have been doing. I have read his voluminous publications and wish to enter his laboratory. He will provide me with full financial support during my study and research there. 2. What is your overall educational goal?

During the future two years, under the guidance of Prof. x x x, I wish to complete my Master’s program successfully, obtaining my Master’s diploma / degree. Through this program, I expect to be instructed in advanced research techniques and methodologies in cellular and...