The Benefits of the Use of the Computers in the Environment

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  • Published : December 4, 2005
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The influence of computers is universal. Computers are used in applications ranging from running a farm to monitoring all environmental effects. Because the development of computers has been largely the work of scientists, it is natural that a large body of computer applications serves the scientist and the field of science. Computers have not only helped in increasing awareness amongst the environmental issues, but have also made the research and the development of various diagnostic and prevention methods, easy and cost effective. Environmental pollution can take many forms. However, its impact on our everyday lives is always undesirable and the end results can be potentially harmful and sometimes even catastrophic. Familiar examples of environmental pollution are smog and polluted air in cities, unwanted noise from aircraft, traffic and industrial machinery, environmental radioactivity from man-made and natural sources, electromagnetic fields from power lines, interference from electronic equipment and increased levels of solar UV radiation due to the depletion of the ozone layer. In order to be able to minimise the harmful effects of environmental pollution it is first of all necessary to measure the concentration of the pollutant accurately. Accurate measurements are also essential to enable the effectiveness of anti-pollution and pollution control measures to be quantified. Computers capabilities can provide better forecasts of when and where earthquakes are likely to occur and how the ground will shake as a result. Global climate models simulate complex chemical, biological and geological processes in the Earth's air, oceans and land over thousands of years. Robotic sensors monitor ecosystem health or track pollutants in urban watersheds in real-time. But let's take it one at a time. First of all computers have a tremendous effect in the area of chemistry. Chemistry is a science closely...
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