The best and the worst President

Topics: President of the United States, President, Abraham Lincoln Pages: 4 (735 words) Published: May 5, 2014
Olesya Stadnichuk
Dennis Pohlman
May 2, 2014

Best and worst President
United States has had a fair share of good and bad presidents in the history of its existence. I believe that there are many things that make a president a good president, but I think the key characteristics are clarity of vision, willingness to change, character, intelligence, and leadership. And in my opinion a president who best utilized these characters is Abraham Lincoln and the president who utilized them the worst is Warren Harding.

I believe that clarity of vision is one of the main characteristics that make a president a good president. Abraham Lincoln had a clear vision when he went into presidency of what he wanted to achieve as the president. Willingness to change goes hand in hand with that also. He had a firm opposition of slavery and he based he guided his vision by the principles of our founding. He believed in natural rights, and equality before the law, and also respected and followed the Constitution. His vision stayed the same throughout his presidency; he didn’t alter it for the sake of other, but kept his mind on what he believed in. As the time went on and as things changed in the country and things didn’t go the way he wanted, he changed his approach to the problem; he was willing to try a different strategy. Warren Harding was the opposite. He did not have a clear vision when he went into the office. And his “vision” changed with what his supporters and what they thought. His “vision” always changed to what other people wanted.

Another character that a good president must posses is intelligence. Abraham Lincoln was a very intelligent man, both of his parents were illiterate but he had a desire to learn, so he did; he taught himself law. He didn’t have much formal education but he was more intelligent than a lot of the presidents. Warren Harding on the other hang came from a family of two doctors, he attended high school and college. Which...
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