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  • Published : June 17, 2011
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Descriptive Essay on Different Types of Parks
As I was young and growing up, traveling is something that I enjoy doing and still do today. I have traveled all around the country; however, the most exciting thing that I like to do is to go to an amusement park. Amusement parks are filled with rides, people, and excitement. The children are so excited and the adults feel as if they were young again. For example, Carowinds, Wet N’ Wild, and Disney World are all great amusement parks that I have been to. The number of people in amusement parks continues to grow as most amusement parks create new thrilling rides and activities to all people throughout the country.

Carowinds is a very amusing place to go, which is located between Charlotte and Rock Hill. The amusement park is filled with people, food, rides, and excitement. Most people wait in long lines to get on a ride, while others walk around and get on another ride. Some of the rides that Carowinds have include: Wayne’s World, Vortex, and The Cyclone. These rides are breath taking, making people scream, and acquire a strong stomach to get on them. The amusement park has great food; however, the prices are a little eminent. They also have an all day buffet which is located in the middle of the park. Carowinds is a great amusement park to go as excitement continues to grow.

The second amusement that has a lot of excitement is Wet N’ Wild. Wet N’ Wild is located in High Point, NC. Wet N’ Wild is an amusement park you just can not wait to get in. The park is filled with water rides and excitement. One of the rides I love to get on when I arrive is called The Twin Twisters. The Twin Twisters are two tunnels that loop you around four times at approximately 80 miles per hour. This ride is breath taking if you have not ever got on it before. The Twin Twisters is not recommending for children or people with high blood pressure. There are more water rides for people to choose from. The people that do not like water...