Theory of Pre - Determination

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  • Published : August 30, 2013
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1. One day, you feel as if you are going to meet someone. Fortunately, you meet that person on the same day. But my question is, “How did you feel that you will meet that person that day?” 2. Few incidents in our life happen accidentally, but you will feel as if the same incident has happened already, but you won’t be able to remember when exactly it happened! My question is, “Was that feeling real?” A solution to all such questions is this “THEORY OF PRE-DETERMINATION”. This theory is a detailed explanation of what you say, fate (English), vidhi (Tamil), Bhagya (Hindi), etc. This is just a theory. You can accept it or disprove it. It’s up to you! If this theory is correct, I am sure that this theory can help us understand many unanswered questions regarding death, sleep, illness, God, etc. You might be familiar with the “THEORY OF PRE – DESTINATION.” This theory states that all the events have been willed by God. But in my theory, I am going to explain how all the things happen. And at the end of this theory, I’ve presented an idea about God. THEORY OF PRE - DETERMINATION

I’d like to remain you of the concept which Sir. Louis deBroglie used to prove “The Dual Nature of Matter” (i.e.) “NATURE IS SYMMETRICAL”. It means that if nature allows a particle to behave in a particular manner, it should allow all other particle(s) to behave the same way. Consider Human kidneys. Their work is to purify the impure blood and filter the waste contents from it. Our Heart beats to pump the blood to all the parts of our body. Thus, it is clear that, each part of our body has its own function which is “PRE - DETERMINED”. As a whole the entire human body and its functions are pre – determined (Nature is symmetrical). From the word Pre – Determined, I mean that all our actions were determined at some time by some factor! This is what this theory is about. We all are very well clear that genes inside our body carries information about our morphological and general characters from our parents. But I say that the genes are responsible for our actions also. Well, now try to understand the following concept clearly as the whole theory is based on this. We all know that our brain is the CPU of our body (i.e.) it orders our body parts to perform their function. Now move your right hand up. Did you move? If yes, your brain ordered your right hand to move up. Actually what happened was, the moment your eyes read the commanding lines, your brain understood the command and it sent stimuli to your right hand. The stimuli must have two parts. One reaches the lower side of your right shoulder and arm, commanding the muscles there to expand and the other reaches the upper side of your right shoulder and arm, commanding the muscles there to contract. As a result your right hand moved up. Can you grab my point? Your brain doesn’t ask your hand to move up, but it sends expanding and contracting stimuli to respective muscles resulting in the movement of your hand. This is the actual principle behind the functioning of our body. I said that your brain sends stimuli. But what does ‘stimuli’ mean? I consider stimuli to be the ‘ENERGY PULSE(S) CREATED BY A CELL OR A GROUP OF CELLS IN RESPONSE TO THE ENERGY PULSE(S) WHICH IT RECIEVED ‘. Okay, what are energy pulses? In our body protein are the ‘Building Blocks’ (i.e.) they constitute all the matter in our body. When a protein sequence reaches a neuron in our brain, it undergoes some metabolic pathway and releases some energy (stimuli). Therefore, protein here acts as the source of energy. So all the work we do depends on the protein sequence that was read by our brain. Now, try to answer my question. Was the protein created to do work or was the work done by the protein which already exists in our body? This could be one of the toughest questions you have ever seen! I mean, it is easy to understand the question but it is difficult to answer it. But understanding this...