understanding the communication process in the workplace

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  • Published : January 7, 2014
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Understanding the communication process in the workplace

AC 1.1
Within our organisation communication is essential for providing the best service for our guests and to profit the business. The cooperation between the departments, between managers and our suppliers/service providers is key. Well informed staffs are motivated staff and everyone benefits.

AC 1.2


The model contains 8 key components, Source, Encoder, Message, Channel, Noise, Decoder, Receiver and Feedback. Source is the sender; it’s the person who initiates the process. It could be verbal or written, an order or a question. As a maintenance engineer most of our work is reactive requiring quick responses to emergencies and verbal communication over the radios has proven to be the best initiator. Message is the content that is being communicated from one end of the model to the other. Naturally you will send multiple messages that are precise, rather than a single message which has too many meanings. Encoder is the shape and format of the message that the initiator wants to communicate. E-mail, phone, letter or even a hand shake. Clear, specific, informative etc. Channel is the route the message will travel on, be it verbal or written the source should decide the best route for effective communication. Noise could be considered an interference that changes the initial message the source intended to send. It can be something physical like a muffled radio transmission or a language barrier when talking to a foreign guest. Noise must be reduced to achieve effective communication. Decoder is essentially the same interaction as that of the source and encoder, but in a reverse sequence. It is how the receiver interprets the message, they may change the format into a way they understand. Destination (receiver) is the end destination that the source had intended for the message to reach. The receiver takes and...
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