Western European Baroque Era and Todays Society

Topics: Rome, Baroque, Jim Carrey Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Western European Baroque Era and today’s society
In today’s world modern art has been a big factor in the society today, whether or not we know it looking at Western European Baroque Era, naming some of the best Baroque artist such as Bernini and Caravaggio, they used great illustrations such as drama, motion and even feeling in the work they presented. It showed life in the time and the effort they put forward. Most of all it showed the truth and the reality in what they work on. Comparing today’s world and how time has change, reality shows and movies set great examples of how Western European Baroque can be a lot of how we live and see things today. The one movie I think I can compare to the baroque era is the movie The Mask. The mask itself is art because it shows how it can change your personality and even how it can be real or alive as great influence to viewers. By just look at that movie when Jim Carry puts on that mask it shows art how he is created as a make believed character. The way he walks and talks and he even throws out crazy jokes, also make up funny jokes on people to show the drama in the video. He plays an ordinary bank worker that fines a mask in the river one night. Bringing up the subject about Verisimilitude it was used in this film for example it show how the mask can convince people to see how it can make Jim Carry powerful in the video trying to get back at all of the people he didn’t enjoy as much and trying to live the life he wanted to live. Logically talking much about the character he was playing was the green mask and how his suit was the color of a banana shows much detail of art. You really don’t see that in everyday life when you go out in public for a ceremony or anything related to business. The problem with trying to make verisimilitude a believe subject in this matter or should we say the truth. We all know that the movie is not real and it has made believe subjects in it. In certain parts have him going through...
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