What Kind of Special Methods Can Help Prevent Diabetes in Canada

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  • Published : June 4, 2013
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30 years ago, my grandmother’s life was forever changed when she was diagnosed diabetes type 2. She was neither obsessed, nor decayed-teeth; the reason why she got this disease was only because of over chemotherapy. From that time, her lifestyle transferred to non-sugar and non-fat mode, including whole family eventually. Although she put all her effort to control her blood sugar, her vision began to blur, and her skin began to ulcerate. Every time when I heard this story from my father, I felt frightened about diabetes. As her healthy situation became worse and worse, it seemed impossible to balance her physical condition and happiness. This is not an isolated phenomenon in China; as one of the most popular chronic diseases, diabetes can lead to lots of complications such as high blood pressure and coronary disease (Chou et al.,2005). Economic increased dramatically in China, result to a raise of Chinese diabetes patient because their living standard have improved. According to Yang, a Chinese pathologist, the amount of Chinese diabetes mellitus patient is over 92.4 millions, and more than 148.2 millions people are on the edge of diagnose(cite in Bi, 2012). Due to metabolic disorder, diabetes can obviously make a huge threat to Chinese because it is harmful to both physical and psychological sides (Dunning, 2006). Therefore, methods which focus on preventing Chinese diabetes have drawn more and more attention. Many people believe that the most effective ways to defend diabetes is going on diets and doing more exercises; however, based on Chinese lifestyle and cultural specifics, three special remedies are most powerful in preventing Chinese diabetes: using traditional Chinese treatments, controlling negative emotions, and changing destructive habits.