what parents can do to prevent children from joining gangs

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  • Published : November 24, 2013
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What Can Parents Do To Prevent Children from Joining Gangs

There are many problems this world is facing including the economy, and the environment, but society does not pay much attention to our children (our nation’s future) and what kind of activities they are involving themselves with. For many years now more children are getting into gangs due to numerous reasons. Although, one of the main reasons why they fall into that kind of life is the lack of attention and love they get from their parents. From when kids are born to their early adulthood is when they need their parents the most. In order to reduce the number of kids joining gangs is for parents to actually get involved in their lives, help steer them into the right direction by giving them the love and attention they need.

One way parents can prevent children from joining gangs is to talk to them. If a child is hurt or has something bothering them it is the parents’ job to make their child feel like they can go to them for anything so they do not have to make bad choices to let out their anger. Sometimes parents tend to yell and automatically punish the child if they hear something they did not want to hear, that is not the right way to talk to a child. In order for the child to feel like they can trust you and they can tell you anything parents need to be understanding, not judge the child and try to figure out solutions or give them advice to make the right decisions. It is also important to be open with your children about gangs, drugs and things in those categories because they need to know, at an early age, how bad it is and what can happen to them if they chose to live that kind of life. This can sometimes be very difficult because the parents can busy with work trying to provide for their family. Although, it is very important to let the child know that you are their friend as well as their parent. If you are a working parent and do not have time to go out with your child then it is very...