Why Do Americans Work so Much?

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  • Published : October 2, 2010
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How do you feel if you work overtime every day? You feel under stress, want to go home immediately, or exhausted? Nevertheless, all of these answers are different for Americans. Many of them prefer to stay at the workplace rather than going home for various reasons: some feel more comfortable at the workplace than at home, others like to earn more money, but this is causing pain for them and their family.

Firstly, many Americans feel more comfortable in the workplace. Nowadays, most of the employers will provide an office with ornament. Moreover, the employers will offer a specific and personal space to workers in the office and are supportive to them. The more benefit employees gain, the more easily they feel a sense of belong to their company. Therefore, the nice environment will make the workers more willing to stay in the office. In addition, the work load in the office is limited compare to at home. Americans bear lots of responsibilities at home, especially for those who are married. They act as a parents and spouse at the same time. Besides, there is a lot of housework at home and need to take care of their children. As a result, Americans think the workplace is just like haven. They can escape from the endless housework at home and work in the office relaxingly.

Secondly, Americans can earn more money by doing overtime work. Money is necessary to maintain our lives. Do you know what does it means? You can’t live without money. You are still using money even just staying at home. When you wash your face, cook food, surf the net, etc... Everything you do is using money! One month later you will receive the water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, management fee, etc… Also, you need to pay the rent. If you own a house, you also need to pay the property taxes each year. Furthermore, parents can’t take care of their children while working. Thus, they will hire a babysitter or take their children to the daycare. It needs money too. So where does the money...