Why I To Be An Accountant

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Why I love to be an accountant?
I choose accounting as my career simply based on one reason – I love mathematics to its core. Having a deep affection in that analytic subject is the primary core of my ambition as an accountant. But then why I chose to be an accountant and not a mathematician? The reason is pretty straightforward. Accounting is a tool which allows me to comprehend world of finance better. Significant of managing finance efficiently in corporate world has become undeniable. The uniqueness of the subject itself has attracted my interest to pursue the studies. The concept of balancing in the subject taught me that everything has to be balanced in life. Being an accountant enables me to make rational financial decision for problem faced in daily life. Accountant is also synonymous to the word boring as regarded by most people. However, the boons of being an accountant outweighs its cons. Better comprehension of world finance allow an accountant to invest smartly to propagate his prosperity. I believe that I am the right person for this scholarship as I am an all-rounder student. Just like my mentor Leonardo da Vinci, I excel in whichever field that I took part. My distinctive result proves my worthiness to earn this scholarship. I do excel in co-curricular activities. My passion in debating won my team 1st runner up at district level. I have also participated in plenty of national debating tournament. Not to forget, participation in Young Enterprise build interpersonal skills such as leadership skills and good communicative skills, which are considered as fundamental skills to be an accountant.
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