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  • Published : February 9, 2014
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"Women Should Stay At Home and Raise Children instead of going toWork"?
During the nineteenth century women had few rights in many countries.Nowadays things have changed as women have become more educated andprepared for the work place. However, there are many people who still believethat women should stay home and raise children. I believe that women havethe right to be in the workplace. This essay discuses that women have theright to choose whether to work or to stay home and raise children'sThroughout history, Women have generally preferred to stay home and raisechildren, because in some nations, the husband was described as the helperor provider who is away to provide for his family (Role Of Women, 2012). Thishas been a belief in many civilization where women stayed at home to raisechildren with no choice. Furthermore in a way parents are involved together inraising their children's, each are depending on their capability, strength, orparenting skills. In some societies women and men are seen equal.Women joined the work force in high rated number during the war world 1,due to the shortage of the number of men. Men were out fighting, so womenhad to take over their position at work. 7 million women joined the work placeand only 2 million got chosen in intense industry. Women had no status inworking in a formal work force, until the law of civil right act was set in 1964(Gluck,2012). This law was set, because women in many areas was excludedfrom the work place and paid less from men although they were in the sameposition. Women rights in the work place includes a lot of facets, somewomen were excluded or been fired because of pregnancy and a employercannot let off a women because of her pregnancy not while she can stillperformsatisfactorily. Because of nowadays laws and women right's, Now aday's women can choose to work in any work force, and in any position.However, some people believe " Blocks of family units build a society"(IslamicLibrary Project,2012).