Xmgt 216 Week 4

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  • Published : February 10, 2013
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Ethical Issues and Management
Kristin Kenneway
January 27, 2013
Craig Fowler

Ethical Issues and Management

Performance evaluations can be a helpful resource to improve many areas in the workplace. They show both strengths and challenges for each individual employee. A performance evaluation helps to improve morale and increase productivity within the company. That being said a manager can face many challenges when giving an evaluation as well. Although I have never actually given a performance evaluation personally, I know that as a manager he or she must go into it leaving all personal feelings aside. For instance, if a manager is faced with giving an evaluation of an employee he or she is has a relationship with outside of the workplace; they must base the evaluation solely on the employees work performance and not base any of their decisions on the personal relationship he or she may have with this employee. Just as the manager cannot base the evaluation on friendship, they also must put any personal feelings of dislike they may have for an employee aside as well. A manager must go into the evaluation with neutral feelings for all of his or her employees and should not base a performance rating on their personal feelings. This can be a challenge because as human beings we base most of our decisions of others on emotions and how we feel about them personally and as a manager you cannot do this or the company could face lawsuits down the road for discrimination.

In the past I have worked with a company where fraternization was forbidden in the workplace, meaning managers were not supposed to have personal friendships with subordinates outside the workplace. I had never heard of such a thing before, I mean who were they to tell me who I could and could not be friends with in my personal time. After a while I began to see where the social and ethical issues could merge and create animosity in the workplace. I had a manager...