A Day is Lost if One Has Not Laughed

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A Day Is Lost If One Has Not Laughed 

Noticing someone smile, laugh at a joke, or a little giggle just to show some teeth can brighten or uplift anyones day. When a friend or family member is feeling down, usually you see the person helping them through it by trying to crack a joke to put a smile on their face. I know from experience, laughing at someone or laughing with someone, can force me to see a different outlook on life situations and put me in a more preferred mood. An average person laughs on a daily basis, whether it’s a tiny giggle or a massive laugh it doesn’t matter, because I still believe “A day is lost if one has not laughed”. Being only seventeen years old, many would be steer their opinion of me thinking I’ve experienced very little in my life, no pain or suffrage. Despite my age, I’ve seen death, murder, heartbreak, disease. All these tragedies helped me grow as a person and forced me to keep my guard up all my life. I’ve faced my bad days, but I’ve seen my good days too, and when I those good days happen it usually has something to do with a smile or laughter. At age eleven my family found out that my father was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer located in the brain. Going to the hospital everyday to visit him was in fact difficult, what made it easier was my dad being a clown and laughing with him every visit. After he passed, my family and I cried, but every time we would become sad we would think of all his jokes and silly moments. Others may not believe it, but that’s how we wiped all the pain away, we took daily steps and overcame the crying and pain we each felt. Mishoe1

Laughter and smiling is what got me through that time in my life and taught me how to deal with painful situations. I also believe in laughter, because of the comedy on television shows, put on television for people who don’t get out as much, but still want to laugh and feel happiness. I hate being cliche and bringing up the...
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