Topics: Robbery, Crime, Gang Pages: 4 (889 words) Published: October 11, 2014
The double bank robbery

A person (jack) walks on stage, like if he were in a bank. He goes up to another person, which is located on the center left side of the stage.

I would like £5 in coins of 1p and £2 in coins of 10p


Actually I changed my mind I would like £2 in 1p coins and £5 in 10p coins

This is a joke right!?


Two more people walk on stage; they come in from the right side of the stage, and walk slowly. They have to act like if they are about to rob a bank. Meanwhile from the downstage another gang comes in, the gang walks slowly to the middle of the stage, while the two other guys circle around the center of the stage.

Your bank is about to get robbed!


Jack and the cashier both leave the stage

This is a robbery!!!

The actors have to act like if they were in a gunfight. After a short gunfight one of the men in one of the gangs shoots the police officer that comes in from the door. Jack walks back on stage

Stop shooting , a person is badly wounded!

The two gangs stop shooting

Did one of you shoot the police officer

The butter and jam gang says
No, we’re not murderers we’re just here to rob the cash machine.


Jack turns around and looks at the other side of the stage were the other gang was located.

Did any of you three shoot the police officer?

The Hostapeople gang says
Why would we, we just want to rob the vault

Than someone else in here killed the police officer

Five people that have to act like hostages, come on the stage in one straight line. They lineup horizontally from the right side of the stage to the left facing the far end side of the stage.

We would like to take half of the hostages so that we can use them as hostages when we will escape.

Butter and jam
Than we will take the other half so that we can blow them uppp!

Everyone leaves the...
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